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Welcome Outfitters! 

No one offers so many marketing tools to help you promote your Outfitter business. See why Bass Pro Shops, outdoor publications and many manufacturers have partnered with, SportingDealNews and GO Outdoor University.

Our services are explained in this one page infographic:

Download our 2015 Media Kit:

CURRENT SPECIAL: Let us prove it. 500 guaranteed leads for $350 through a combination of services. Click or Call for more details

INCREASE YOUR BOOKINGS: For select Outfitter partners we can act as a Concierge Service and book clients for you, or you can choose to advertise to create direct leads. And we guarantee the minimum amount of leads you will receive. Call us at 256 585-1677 or email today!

  • Listings for every Outfitter at no charge!
  1. Allows you to categorize your services along with the activities and game and fish species you offer
  • Featured Outfitter Site for $10 per month
  1. Does more and has more features than your website
  2. Adds to your SEO and search engine ranking
  3. Allows you to advertive special deals
  4. Allows you to share articles and blogs on, and through our newsletters and publication partners
  • Custom Websites with a minimum of 22 dynamic pages for $2,000 year one, $1200 year two
  1. Includes Featured Outfitter software and a suite of advertising and publishing services.
  2. Includes setup, custom graphics, training, hosting and support.
  3. Featured on one of GO's 22 new category pages such as Big Game Hunting, Saltwater Fishing, Archery Shooting, Shotgun Shooting, etc.
  4. Featured in our magazine advertising and included in between 50,000 - 300,000 GO newsletters per month.
  5. Compare with Go Daddy,, 1&1 or anyone. Plus we only focus on the outdoor industry.
  • Advertise in our combo e-Blast for $99
  1. A newsletter with 4 - 6 Outfitter Advertisements sent to 50,000 subscribers.
  2. We manage 1,200,000 email subscribers divided into sixteen specific list such as fishing, hunting and state lists.
  3. We deliver results that you can track. Send stats report and follow up with observations.
  • e-Blast focused only on your company for $250
  1. Send 50,000 to one of our subscriber list of your choice
  2. We plan with you, build your ad, proof your add.
  3. We deliver results that you can track. Send stats report and follow up with observations.
  • Email Newsletter Service to your customers for $150
  1. We send your newsletter to your customer list to up to 50,000 subscribers.
  • Branded Video Production on your business $450
  1. Design an opening and closing with music to brand your business. Using your photos, graphics and video we will edit one 2 to 3 minute video that has a reusable opening and closing lasting in total approximately twenty seconds. Includes setting up your company YouTube Channel with company graphics (Channel, not just an account). Follow on videos cost less because your opening and closing branding has been established. Follow on videos $150 each
  • Bass Pro Shops 1 Source and Global Outfitters Outdoor University instructional series $1600
  1. Global Outfitters works for Bass Pro Shops to create how-to and instructional videos. Usually a series of four videos filmed with you or at your location. These videos expand your exposure as they are available on your website,,, and any affiliate manufacturers that participate. During the video content we insure the viewers know where we are and who we are with, plus we caption your contact info and logo. Call today! We are planning Fall 2013 and 2014 filming schedule now.
  • We do much more! Contact us about the following services:
  1. We Write Articles and Blogs
  2. Press Releases
  3. Social Media Coordination
  4. SEO - Pay for click and ad words porgrams that will guarantee 1st page placement
  5. Printing Services
  6. Graphics Services
  7. Custom Software Applications
  8. Risk Management Assessments
  9. Plot Management Consulting
  10. Lake Management Consulting
  11. Youth Programs and Off Season Strategies
  12. Global Outfitters Outdoor University Seminars

Trade Shows are no easy task and very expensive. Global Outfitters is your alternative marketing partner.

Contact: or call us at: (256) 585-1677

If you have any questions please contact us.
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