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GUNN-WORN DELTA VEST - Mustard with concealed carry internal system. One more than our Gibson vest, we added a game bag to the back, so now there is 18 pockets.

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Our blogs and store are moving to by Global Outfitters

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Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles The Elephant in the Room When Talking About the Best 9 mm Pistol!

Read more here at SportingDealNews by Global Outfitters. We have moved this post to a mobile friendly format.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles First Impressions - The SIRT Pro Review

Dry-fire training can be pretty boring but it's a must if you want to become a better shooter. I was very excited to receive my Next Level Training SIRT Pro Laser Training Pistol the other day to help me with my handgun skills. Here's a brief first-impression review before I take it through the paces and complete a comprehensive SIRT product review.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles The Best SIRT Trainer For You!

Our friend and contributor Mike Hughes has created quite possibly the ultimate handgun training tool. There are several models and colors for you to choose is an overview on how to decide with model is best for you!


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Glock for Women

My introduction to shooting a handgun was with my husband's .45 Auto 1911. I didn't know much about guns at the time, but even I could see that it was a beautiful firearm. Unfortunately, no matter how much muscle I used, I couldn't rack the slide.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Setting Up A Nice Dry Fire 3-D Target

Most of us get a little bored with dry fire training or shooting at static targets. In this tip, Mike has a great idea to make training a little more fun plus adds movement to your training.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Remington Enters Concealed Carry Market with Sub Compact 9mm

Remington enters into the sub compact concealed carry market with their new R51 9mm handgun.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Counter Ambush Personal Defense Training Distance Learning Course

The CAT Home Study Course is the most comprehensive training option for how to survive a deadly surprise attack. The fact is, very few deadly encounters are ever seen coming; in fact, most attacks are actually more like an ambush, a complete surprise attack delivered with little to no warning. The home study course will fully answer the following questions and much more. . .


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles An Alarming Trend in Concealed Carry that is No April Fools Joke!

This post has moved to SportingDealNews by Global Outfitters. A mobile friendly format


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Recoil Management vs Dry Fire Training

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I was talking with expert firearms instructor and friend Mike Hughes about handgun training recently. I've had trouble with my shots pulling left. As we were talking about my struggles, the discussion evolved into dry fire training, trigger control, grip, as recoil management. There are some gun gurus who preach the rule live fire training is the best and only way to train because you need to learn how to manage the recoil. There are others who like to work on each discipline of shooting in pieces.

I can tell you first hand as a former athlete and trainer, it is a great idea to break down the components, or principles, of the activity separately to find your weaknesses and improve those skills. Breaking down the movements into small activities and getting better at each movement will produce a better result more consistently.

Here is what Mike had to say about dry fire and recoil management...


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles The I.C.E. RAC Kydex Holster: Range and Carry Holsters' Finest Hour

As quickly as I walked onto the pistol range, Rob Pincus himself escorted me back to the prep table. He didn't smile or say much at all. He simply un-holstered my handgun and asked me to remove my holster as he handed me a new I.C.E. Range and Carry (RAC) Kydex Holster and instructed me to put it on. While I was familiar with molded holsters, I had never been a huge fan but was about to become one.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles BB Guns vs. Airsoft Guns: Which Are Better For Kids?

Buying gaming equipment for kids is a big hassle. There are too many things that you have to think about before you are certain whether a certain product would be fine to purchase for your kids. While paying heed to every small thing purchased for kids need extra care and attention, when you are purchasing gaming rifles and airguns, you need to be very particular about a few things. One of the various factors that should be sensibly evaluated while buying a replica gun for your kid's gaming requirement is to list down the advantages of buying one type over the other.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Ghost Stryke by SportEAR: The Edge In Hearing Enhancement & Protection

SportEar combines there industry leading technology and superior quality in the new Ghost Stryke. For the first time outdoor enthusiasts can purchase affordable in-the-ear hearing enhancement and protection with features like universal SecurFit design, digital compression hearing protection, 100% Lynx digital sound clarity, with optionnal Bluetooth and 2-Way communications.


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NextLevel Training GO TV Images NextLevel Training

SIRT Pro and Performer Training Pistols

Safe, effective, and innovative, the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Training Pistol was developed by shooters for shooters, to complement, not replace, live fire training. The SIRT Training Pistol brings together a host of patent pending technologies critical to improving shooting accuracy while addressing issues of cost and liability. See the short video of the SIRT in Action.
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