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Snap-Lock Portable Hunting Blind by Formex

Formex Hunting Blinds - 4'x4' or 4'x6' Call about special shipping discount! This portable or permanent solution takes less then 15 minutes to set up and weighs less then 80 lbs when assembled. Features a rugged design that is meant to last!

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Our blogs and store are moving to by Global Outfitters
Our blogs and store are moving to by Global Outfitters

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Host Name Sam Hall
Hello and welcome to the GOOU Main Campus. We have a fine staff of Editors and Instructors to help you become a better outdoorsman. Explore the GOOU campus using the upper left or top nav bars on each page, and you will find 28 GOOU Libraries representing many interest groups associated with the recreational sports of hunting, fishing and shooting. Stay tuned as we populate the Library Archives with valuable information, and grow new GOOU Libraries focused on eco sports.
Each Library includes:

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We are calling out to Manufacturers, Publications and Outfitters, to help GOOU create the best available databases for new product releases and Brief reviews of articles printed in their publications. For Outfitters to help us grow our existing database of over 10,700 Outfitters for hunting, fishing and shooting.

In doing so we will be able to keep over 1.2 million subscribers abreast of the goings-on in each industry segment.

Cross Over Content: Our libraries and Article Archives have cross over capabilities, allowing your information to be posted in multiple GOOU Libraries and Archives becoming available to subscribers via newsletters and visiting the GOOU Campus. From here we link them directly to the source of information whether to your website or your fulfillment partners. We can also Tweet out your announcements and share with other Social Media sites.

We are always looking for Editors and Instructors to join our growing team of experts in all outdoor disciplines.

Learm more about communicating with GOOU and becoming involved in our Subscriber Groups. Each Subscriber Group welcomes subgroups of Knowledge & Adventure seekers, Manufacturers, Publications, Outfitters, Associations, Game & Fish Organizations and Tourism Groups.

If you have any comments or suggestion we want to hear from you. Please send your emails to, or feel free to call us at 256 585-1677.

Committed to helping you become a better outdoorsman,
Sam Hall

New Articles & Reviews

Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Poppers for Seatrout

Make your seatrout fishing more fun by using surface lures!

Poppers for Seatrout --- Lovely when alive, tasty on the table, spotted seatrout are one of the South's favorite saltwater fish.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Shotgun Shooting - Training Your Mind System

The time is ripe for you to learn the proper way to train the mind while shotgun shooting. Bob has developed a proven system to help shooters achieve the "zone" in shooting consistently.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Welcome Mike Hughes - New Global Outfitters Instructor

As one of the Global Outfitters Editors, I want to welcome my friend and firearms competitor, expert, and instructor Mike Hughes to the Global Outfitters Outdoor University team. Mike brings an incredible resume to help you become a better shooter.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Glock for Women

My introduction to shooting a handgun was with my husband's .45 Auto 1911. I didn't know much about guns at the time, but even I could see that it was a beautiful firearm. Unfortunately, no matter how much muscle I used, I couldn't rack the slide.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Setting Up A Nice Dry Fire 3-D Target

Most of us get a little bored with dry fire training or shooting at static targets. In this tip, Mike has a great idea to make training a little more fun plus adds movement to your training.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Bass Pro Shops 1 Source & GOOU in 2014

Bass Pro Shops 1 Source "YOUR INSIDE SOURCE FOR OUTDOOR INFORMATION", and GO Outdoor University have partnered to produce over seventy instructional videos in 2014 for the new Bass Pro 1 Source website.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Welcome to the GOOU Main Campus

Welcome to the main campus of GOOU and our expansion of thirty new libraries of knowledge relating to hunting, fishing, shooting and eco sports. We are adding to what Global Outfitters has become known for: Where to... go on your next adventure by expanding on our database of 10,700 adventure destinations to include How to...improve your skills , and What with...the products needed to insure success.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Decoys, Waterholes and Buck Antelope

Jim Miller and Kenneth Tallant bowhunt Pronghorn Antelope. Learn how purchasing over the counter tags in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North & South Dakota, Idaho and Oregon, makes for a great late summer to early fall adventure.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles The Christmas Gun - Daisy Red Ryder Model 1938

It was the Christmas of Christmas's. Under the red cedar Christmas tree, we had cut behind the barn, brought into the house and decorated with popcorn and colored paper chains, was my very own Daisy Red Ryder Carbine. It was a dream come true. Like Ralph in The Christmas Story, after months of frantic wishing, I had a real Red Ryder BB gun.

I don't remember how old I was when I got the Red Ryder Carbine. Not much over nine years if I had to guess. I am sure it was a financial strain on my parents budget to pay for the gun but thy felt it would help me learn responsibility and to learn the life skill of marksmanship. They were right on both accounts.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Bass Pro Shops brands with GO Outdoor University

Teachers Teaching at Bass Pro Shops

Global Outfitters Outdoor University is part of the new Bass Pro Shops Phase 1 of the new informational website was unveiled earlier this year with two new additions coming before formal release sometime in late May 2013.


GOOU Sponsors

Auspit Outdoor Rotisseries GO TV Images Auspit Outdoor Rotisseries

The award-winning Auspit is the Australian rotisserie sensation which makes delicious cooking in the outdoors simple & fun!
Find Out More >>

Down N Dirty - TV Show Sponsor GO TV Images Down N Dirty - TV Show Sponsor

Down N Dirty Outdoors offers hunters the most advanced line of game calls available today. From our hand-cut diaphragm turkey calls, to the unique design of our friction pot calls with hand-matched strikers, the DND line is built with one simple mission: to produce the finest quality, affordable game calls that sound like the REAL THING.
Find Out More >>

EOTech GO TV Images EOTech

L-3 EOTech designs, manufactures, and markets electro-optics products and systems. It uses advanced laser and holographic technology to enhance optical devices in target acquisition systems, recreational sport optics, and sighted automation environments. L-3 EOTech invented, designed, and manufactures the Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS) - the world's first holographic sighting system for small and medium-sized weapon platforms.
Find Out More >>

Bad Boy Buggies GO TV Images Bad Boy Buggies

In 2003, Bubba Kaiser and Joe Palermo built the first Bad Boy Buggy and changed the outdoor industry forever. The two men invented the dual-motor, fully electric 4WD vehicle, a machine that combined unparalleled off-road ability with quiet, emissions-free operation - the ideal hunting vehicle.
Find Out More >>

Primos Hunting GO TV Images Primos Hunting

Ask any hunter who makes the best game calls and chances are you'll hear the name Primos. Many call companies specialize in making calls for one type of game species. Primos makes calls for every category of game species hunted in North America. Everything Primos does, they do exceptionally well.
Find Out More >>

Rocky Brands GO TV Images Rocky Brands

Headquartered in Nelsonville, Ohio, ROCKY Outdoor Gear is a world leader in rugged outdoor and occupational footwear. A corporate office, warehouse, and distribution center now accompany the original manufacturing building in Nelsonville that goes back to 1932.
Find Out More >>

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