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Our blogs and store are moving to by Global Outfitters

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Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Durana White Clover For a Permanent Food Plot

Research done for establishing a long term perennial food plots recommend that Durana clover be considered as the crop to plant due to its shade tolerance, wide adaptability to weather extremes, low maintenance, high protein content (up to 28%) and long life, 7 years or more with proper management.

Read more here at SportingDealNews by Global Outfitters. We have moved this post to a mobile friendly format.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles .22 Magnum Ammunition: Choose Wisely


A lot of hunters don't realize that the terminal performance of .22 Magnum ammunition varies greatly from load to load.

Read more here at SportingDealNews by Global Outfitters. We have moved this post to a mobile friendly format.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Katadyn Hiker Pro Portable Water Filter
Great water filter, easy to use, fast, durable and long lasting. Simply, I love it. Rating 4.5 out of 5. Outside enjoying your next memory to last a lifetime can change to the dark side without clean water to drink. The solution could be a small, lightweight and highly reliable portable water filter.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Goal Zero Nomad 13 Portable Solar Charger

Out on some of the best fishing water you've ever fished. It's getting late and it's definitely time to check in and share what's important. Cell phone dead?


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Take your iPhone or Galaxy to the next level

Take your iPhone or Galaxy to the next level with the iClam waterproof sports case.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Contributors wanted for Game, Fish, Fowl and Adventure Cooking

Are you a member of LinkedIn? Are you a fan of cooking wild game, fish, fowl and other cooking adventures at the lodge, in the hearth or over a campfire?

If so, consider joining our new LinkedIn Group GO Cooking Adventures in Wild Game, Fish, Fowl, Camp, Historic Cooking.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Trijicon AccuPin Bow Sight

Long-time industry leaders in illuminated riflescopes, Trijicon has brought their "Brilliant Aiming Solutions" to the archery world with the Trijicon AccuPin, a single-pin adjustable sight with some neat innovations. One of those solutions is a high-contrast triangular aiming point, which has proven more accurate in firearms. Another is a clear pin. In this configuration, the aiming tip points to your target instead of obscuring it, addressing a serious concern for many bowhunters.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Outfitter Tracker Systems - Hunter Safety Software and Products

Outdoor Tracker Systems offers an array of products and software to help Outfitters, Guides, Hunting Clubs and property owners better manage their property for hunting, game management and other outdoor activities.


Global Outfitters Outdoor Articles Egyptian Wheat for Squirrels

My introduction to Egyptian wheat, a tall growing grain sorghum, had nothing to do with squirrels. It was simply a supplemental plant for Quail Haven soybeans to run up. The main crop was the running soybeans as a warm season wildlife food plot. However, by early fall I was watching wild turkey and quail going to great lengths to get to the Egyptian wheat seed heads, and more impressive were the number of squirrels coming out of the nearby woods to feed on the wheat seed.


Hunting Sponsors

Bradley Custom Calls GO TV Images Bradley Custom Calls

At Bradley Custom Calls we have dedicated our time and energy to find the right combinations of wood, slate and glass to produce the finest and clearest sounds of the American wild turkey. I grew up turkey hunting with my dad who liked to hunt in the fall as well as the spring. What I learned as a young turkey hunter different hens have different and distinct tones. We have designed a great selection and variety of box, pot, and mouth calls to duplicate these different and distinct tones. As the owner of Bradley Custom Calls I test each call before it is packaged and shipped to make sure the sound, craftmanship and quality is the best. As most of you know turkey hunting is a very challenging sport, so to match wits with a old gobbler make sure you have one of our calls on your next hunt! Rick "Hoot" Bradley
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Down N Dirty - TV Show Sponsor GO TV Images Down N Dirty - TV Show Sponsor

Down N Dirty Outdoors offers hunters the most advanced line of game calls available today. From our hand-cut diaphragm turkey calls, to the unique design of our friction pot calls with hand-matched strikers, the DND line is built with one simple mission: to produce the finest quality, affordable game calls that sound like the REAL THING.
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MOJO Outdoors GO TV Images MOJO Outdoors

MOJO Outdoors is the number one maker of motion decoys in the world... but we are also much more than that! MOJO Outdoors began life in the State of Louisiana with the invention and development, by real hunters, of the MOJO Mallard Spinning Wing Duck Decoy, which went on to become a phenomena in the world of duck hunting. With its realistic body, its large and practically unstoppable direct drive motor, highly reflective aluminum wings and rugged, dependable operation, it quickly took the market, making the name "MOJO" synonymous with "quality and success".
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Mossberg GO TV Images Mossberg

Since 1919, Mossberg has been the leader in introducing important design breakthroughs to the firearm industry. Many product features pioneered by Mossberg are now the standards by which all modern firearms are judged. Never content with the status quo, our men and women constantly strive to improve and up the capabilities of all Mossberg products. In accomplishing this goal, we recognize that each improvement is a part of the "Shooting System" approach and most are designed to fit the shotgun you bought years ago.
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Primos Hunting GO TV Images Primos Hunting

Ask any hunter who makes the best game calls and chances are you'll hear the name Primos. Many call companies specialize in making calls for one type of game species. Primos makes calls for every category of game species hunted in North America. Everything Primos does, they do exceptionally well.
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