Box Call - Bradley Custom Calls Bring The Heat
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Our blogs and store are moving to by Global Outfitters
Our blogs and store are moving to by Global Outfitters

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Article Date: Monday, April 20, 2015
Global Outfitters Outdoor Blogs and Articles   
GO Outdoor University
By: Kevin Reese
Feature Article - Product -

The resounding differences between mass produced and custom built calls are sound, quality and value.

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Few things are better than spending a few spring days tucked into the turkey woods with a bow, crossbow or shotgun. The resonating tumbling gobble of wise toms in every direction mean that whether you harvest a turkey or not, you're in for a good time! Ask any turkey hunter what their fascination with turkey hunting really is, their constant reply is always the same, it's interactive. Sure, if everything works as it should and you've patterned turkey, identified roosts, etc., you may be able to intercept them on the move and setup an ambush however, those who choose to experience the real thrill of the hunt lure them in with the clucks, cuts, purrs and yelps of a lonely hen. Successfully calling a turkey into your setup for the endgame is not only gratifying, it's exilerating!

There are some good calls on the market even several mass produced calls have a decidedly full tone, but there is no substituting a seasoned call maker's handmade custom calls. Utilizing years of experience, the feedback of veteran turkey hunters and the desire to improve your hunting experience, custom call maker and owner of Bradley Custom Calls, Rick “Hoot” Bradley, offers a line of exceptional custom calls sure to get you to the endgame.

Here are two Bradley Custom Calls I recently spent some time testing:

White Hot Pot Call with Zebrawood Striker

This is a beautifully crafted call. Cut from exotic zebra wood, each White Hot call is beautiful and different in its own right. The call is topped with an exceptional piece of low maintenance slate, both durable and without defects. I dropped the call several times, once on asphalt as I climbed from my truck, without damage to the slate or internal sound board. The sound board itself is made of cherry wood. No matter what call series I ran on the call the sound was full, rich, even warm, without being excessively loud. Since I do not profess to be a grand champion turkey caller, I do make an occasional bad strike and even those were not bad. The call seemed to do most of the work for me. While hollow, higher pitched sounds are often the hallmark of mass produced calls the problem is nonexistent in White Hot. I found shifting from young to raspy and soft purrs to booming yelp runs on this call quite simple. The matching striker only served to further warm up and enrich the sound. White Hot is an exceptionally built, beautifully toned pot call.

Tom Boatwright Classic Runnin' Hot Box Call

The Tom Boatwright signature call, Runnin' Hot, is Bradley's newest addition to an already great lineup. The Runnin' Hot offers a beautiful combination of a purple heart lid and mahogany box. Wood quality, box space and radius cut of the lids underside all contribute to the ease of use and rich tones emanating from the call. The lid's pivot point is spot-on allowing for greater control whether I employ yelp runs, cutting, clucks or purrs. Like White Hot, even shifting gears between young hen and older raspy yelps was quite simple, something often missing from mass produced calls. The truth is, this call offers great diversity in calling yet all runs sounded rich and warm. The call carried well on loud yelp runs without blowing my ear drums out. Like White Hot again, I hollow runs were nonexistent. Consistently rich, real sounding calls were simple to produce and I was able to produce them consistently. Bradley Custom Calls obviously spent considerable time designing this box call. I was impressed through and through.

The Bradley Custom Calls logo is burned into the wood's exterior along with a message, John 3:16, that lets you know where Hoot Bradley stands and ensures your hunting buddies know where you stand. That simple message was something I appreciated seeing on these calls.

The MSRP on Bradley Custom Calls are $59.95 for pot calls and $49.95 - 69.95 for box calls. A push button call is also available for $19.95 and strikers are $14.95 each in three wood variations a three-pack is also available for $29.95. To see these calls and others, or to learn more information about Bradley Custom Calls, visit Bradley Custom

Hunt hard, hunt often!

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